Wednesday, May 16, 2012

catch up!

Well it definitely has been a while since ive done a post...February to be exact. What has been going on since then...? What hasnt..? School definitely picked up since February. Seemed like everytime a test was scheduled in one class we had one in every other class the same week. Clinic also got crazy, i wouldnt say i had a whole lot of patients but i stayed busy for sure. i passed all my comps for clinic and got thru all my classes for the semester. 3 A's and 3 B's. ill take it. this semester was definitly my favorite so far. i am really enjoying actually being a hygienist now. i wouldnt say im a pro yet but im getting there :) ok so let me highlight a few things that have happened since February:

In March our class went to Nashville for Legislative Day...I wouldnt say it was a total disaster...but it was definitley a waste of time. It was very unorganized and with 30 girls...things got a little catty to say the least. My favorite part was going to the Cheesecake Factory with a few friends. In April, six of us went to TDHA (Tennessee Dental Hygiene Association) in Nashville. This was a much better time! We went to a few speakers and sold our class t-shirt. anndd we ate...and ate...and ate..! The end of April and beginning of May was packed with doing papers, comps, and finals. It got pretty crazy there for a while but i got through it all and im very proud of myself and my grades.

Also, April 30 was me and Adam's one year anniversary! The whole reason i started this blog was to keep up with planning the wedding. Now it has been a whole year since that day! It hasnt always been smiles with us but i think that is expected in a marriage especially the first year. I also think we have a lot of extra stress on us with me being in school. I am still trying to find that balance with school and husband time. For our anniversary, Adam got me a cavas print of my favorite wedding picture! i love it! we took a picture with it and i plan on doing that every year with each previous year's picture! On our anniversary, we of course ate our top tier of our wedding cake and we watched our wedding video. A year later watching it and i wouldnt change one thing about it. It was actually more beautiful than i even remember. I love my husband so much, he is truely one of a kind. I will be the first to admit i am hard to deal with on a regular the stress of school...whoo i am more than a handful! :) Adam does so well with me tho. Im pretty sure that is why God put him in my life. I have said here lately, Adam is more like a single parent right now. He pretty much does all the cooking and cleaning at home, he goes to work, pays all the bills, and sends me to school. He makes sure i have everything i need and pretty much everything i want. I know he worries himself sick over money and how we are going to make it...but that is just the Shelley in him! We will make it, and one day...ill have a job! what a glorious day that will be! :) haha.

So, I am now out of school for my somewhat summer break. I have until June and i start an online class then go back to school in July. I actually cant wait. I have come to the conclusion i cannot be a housewife or stay at home mom. i have been out for a week now and im about to go stir crazy with bordom! yes i could clean, workout, cook dinner....all those great things i should do but i dont wanna! i need structure and somewhere to be and something to do on a regular basis!

here are a few pictures of what i have been up to lately!:
Legislative Day

Lacy and I

TDHA Girls!

Charity and I

Easter 2012
Adam and I with the babies

Adam and I on Easter

Jaycie's 3rd Birthday!
One Year Anniversary

Remembering our beautiful day....

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